Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Pair of Booties: Three Ways

One Pair of Booties: Way One

One Pair of Booties: Way Two

One Pair of Booties: Way Three

Here's to another day where fashion is on my mind. I just cannot seem to get enough, I'll say it, it's my passion...I have a passion for fashion. So cliche huh? The saying is, but I try to make my style choices away from the norm.
Way One: Check that dress out. Its surprisingly a "one size for all" and those cutouts on the waist like a belt...so cool. I personally have never seen something like it. I love yhe idea of pairing this orangey dress with the green and black accessories for an extra pop of color.
Way Two: Casual chic with edge. Simple dark skinnies paired with the booties is a must, a slouchy beanie and those round sunnies. So cute. My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the unique off-shoulder sweater, worn here as a shirt. It looks warm and cozy, plus it has sass.
Way Three: Sheer and flirty. Look at that print! So many bright colors. Pair this skater skirt with a basic sheer white button down, add an extra bit of color to the neck, and finish off the look with the sexy black booties.
These TOPSHOP booties are extremely versatile. Pair them with a basic look to spice it up, aadd sass, or sex appeal. The chunky heel and platform quality is perfect for walking and standing on your feet, hoping to last for about 5 hours, if not more ;) If you like the idea of these, find a pair that suits you and go for it! They are a perfect pair of Fall booties.

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  1. I think the boots are a must have basic that will stay in style for years--love them. Santa can I have them for Christmas? The striped sweater dress is Awesome!!!!


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