Thursday, January 31, 2013

SAG Awards 2013

Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed:

see more photos @Huffington Post

I know I am a few days late on my critique of the SAG awards...but better late than 
never right? I must say, my absolute favorite look has to be that all black look with 
the major plunge. I don't know why but, Jaimie Alexander is killin' it. I also really enjoy 
Alexis Bledel (I haven't seen her since Gilmore Girls) in this gorgeous emerald green 
gown. On the other hand, why the almost long enough dresses Anne and Kaley? I 
mean, I like (almost) everything else about their red carpet looks, but the length is awful. 

Who was your favorite? 

xo, Naomi

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Bag: Three Ways

One Bag: Way One

One Bag: Way Two

One Bag: Way Three

I am in the midst of crammed classes, working, and trying to be a blogger. This is a lot to handle. But do not fear, I WILL make it Tim Gunn would say. 

Whenever I flip through the pages of magazines, I am more drawn to the stories like "25 Ways to Wear..." or "Celebs that Love their..." Don't get me wrong, I love the ads for the high end designers and I support them fully, but I am all about the wearability and truly getting fun, fashion-forward ideas on what I can actually wear. Is this just me? This is why I love posting these One _____: Three Ways on the blog. Its so cool to see how versatile things can be!

For instance, this Botkier bag is stinkin' cute and I love that its red. Statement for sure. So, I created three different looks incorporating it in. Which way do you prefer? One, two, or three?!


Monday, January 28, 2013

License Plate

turtleneck Forever 21
skirt Forever 21
tights Nordstrom
ankle booties Nine West
bracelet Marshalls
clutch Vintage

A few days after Christmas, my pop and I went to Toyota and I got me a new Corolla. Low and behold, the other the mail, I received my extra special license plate. Did ya get a good look at it? No? Scroll up and see what the numbers and letters are. It really is a unique one. 

I wanted you to witness what I get to drive around in everyday...haha. Triple X and I, we will be getting very close. Weird! Pair that with these hot new Nine West ankle booties and I feel like a vixen. 

I love this look. With it being cold today, I had to wear some tights! Sheer tights are a must have. That and solid black ones. 

Well anyways, until next time. 


Friday, January 25, 2013



See them purrrty leopard print ankle booties ^^? Well, yesterday after a week of
waiting and waiting, UPS dropped them off for me!! A fellow blogger, KatalinGirl, posted a
photo of them (the Nine West ankle booties) on her instagram and I was
obsessed at first sight. I had to have them. Too bad its raining and I can't risk
ruining them...I will definitely wear them the first chance I get!! Wait and see. 

On another note, I love a lot of aspects in this look I created. It has a good mix
of color, print, basics, and trendy pieces. Oversized coats are a must this cold
season, as seen in Topshop, Marni, and Michael Kors. Plus, if you haven't heard
this from me yet...denim shirts have become a staple in every STYLEista's closet.
They go with everything! 

This week I have been so so busy being back to school, my schedule is packed!
So, I am sorry for such a delay on posts. More to come soon!

xo, Naomi

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Pair of Pumps: Three Ways

One Pair of Pumps: Way One

One Pair of Pumps: Way Two

One Pair of Pumps: Way Three

Happy Monday!! School starts up again tomorrow, which means time to get back into some regularity...exciting but not. I only have three semesters until I can graduate!! Eek. So great. 

I found this adorable pumps and thought, yes. I would love to own them, so why not create a little outfit inspiration with them? Way one is all about menswear. Collared white button down top, boyfriend cuffed denim, and a top handle (semi-briefcasey) bag. Way Two, is a great work look. Watch out world here comes the working lady in a great 'lil dress. And Way three is casual yet sparkly with a few extra layers. I kept the pretty purple color consistent throughout this look, from the bag to the earrings, to the fab pumps. 

Ooh la la, hope you got a bit of inspiration for when you need to who and/or get ready for any occasion!


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