Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Best

Hurley jacket  Nanette Lapore dress  Marshall's sunglasses  VC Signature wedges  Vintage bag

This is my new favorite dress by far. The print is fabulous and so feminine. I die. Love the sweetheart neckline and the back is just perfect with a low/open back (not pictured -- sorry about it). I have to say, what a lovely springtime look for Easter, vacations in tropical spots, and of course your Sunday best. 

Happy Easter! Enjoy the family time, colorful candy that we probs shouldn't be eating, and the sheer joy this day brings. He is surely alive!!!

xo, Naomi 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

School Projects

As a fashion student, exams are the least of our worries. It is all about working together to create unique, fashion forward ideas and projects. Here is what I have been up to lately!! These are for a fashion magazine I am involved in called HYPE. Its really coming together and I am just loving the work we have done thus far. 

The "It" Girls of Summer


PAYTON by naomilink featuring a green tee


TAYLOR by naomilink featuring a circle skirt




Still working away on articles, ads, and editing! Too fun :)

Have a great day <3

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Forever 21 hat  Marshall's dress  Steve Madden sandals  Liebeskind bracelet

Today was a lovely day to wear a dress. And to drink coffee. Sunny and oh so delightful. :) Spring break is nearing for me and I seriously cannot wait to take a break. Ladies and gents, I am headed to sunny Florida !!! One week from now I will be enjoying quality family time and a long needed vacay. I will most definitely share all the fun things I am up to. Weeeeee. 

I love the ease about this look. I mean really its four simple pieces, but combined...its greatness. The dress, let me tell you this, I bought for twelve dollars. Did you read that? TWELVE. That is #winning. Plus I just love the tribal print of it, and the cutout in the back! Easy peasy.

Well that's all folks.

xo, Naomi
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