Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it Fall yet?

Farmers market and fancy lunch dates with the ma and sis are my favorite! First stop was the market at the OC Fair grounds for some fresh fruits and veggies (which happens every Thursday!). All I gotta say is yum, everything looked and tasted ridiculously good. We ended up buying some cranberry beans (the reddish ones below), heirloom tomatoes, plums, and a grey pumpkin.

Next stop was Downtown Fullerton for some authentic Greek food with Rachel and mother. Let me tell you, it was And who doesn't love some quality girl time?

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Top: GAP
Jeans: AG
Boots: Steve Madden
Bag: vintage
Earrings: gifted
Watch: vintage

I know its officially Fall, but I feel silly dressing like this when it is so darn hot still. If it were maybe 10 to 15 degrees cooler, it would be no problem, but gosh. I have just decided that I just have to give in and wear what I want regardless of the temperature.
Bring on the cool weather and let the leaves Fall.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Jacket: Three Ways

One Jacket: Way One

Business woman on the go? Can't you just imagine this look in some office in let's say New York? Classic, clean, and to the point.
One Jacket: Way Two

Okay this sequined peplum top, I die. So darn cool! This outfit is definitely perfect for drinks with the girls or a casual dinner out.

One Jacket: Way Three

Way three is ultra casual with some sass! Totally a great Summer to Fall outfit. Oh and (for best results) tuck in the tank.
Way one, two, or three?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mix 'n Match

Top: Chloe K via BP Nordstrom
Shorts: Lily White via BP Nordstrom (older)
Wedges: Bacio 61
Bag:some boutique in London
Bracelet: Liebeskind Berlin
Lipstick: TOPSHOP for Nordstrom (coming soon)

This look maximizes the mix and match idea, no doubt about it. From the polka dot high waisted shorts to the peter pan collared "print mania" top to the leopard bag. Let's ju7st say I'm a big fan of print on print...on print. Also, dark dark lips are super on trend right now. I thought I'd give it a try :) Kinda loving it.


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Emmy's 2012

Best Dressed:

Sofia Vergara
She seriously looks like a mermaid goddess in this Zuhair Murad gown. Rumor is that she had a slight wardrobe malfunction--a nice tear, but don't worry all was well with some needle and thread,

 Heidi Klum
Killer legs as always! This look reminds me of classic Marilyn Monroe, from the design to her hair... 

Julia Louis Dreyfus
I love the contrast of colour from her gown (which fits exquisitely) to the turquoise earrings.

Sarah Paulson
This dress is stunning, beaded so perfectly, and the black belt adds just enough cinch to her waist making her look divine.  

Worst Dressed:

Amanda Peet
This dress is outdated, ill-fitting, and her body could look so much better!

Elisabeth Moss
All I have to say is, no.

Michelle Dockery
Ah this fabric is awful, too much shine and major wrinkly across her crotch.

These two ladies both rocked high slits and the same strappy sandals. Too cool for school.

Jenna Malone

Maria Menounos

Who was your best and worst dressed from the Emmy's last night?


Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Funday

Top: Gap
Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Hudson
Booties: MIA
Bag: atmosphere
Bracelets: Liebeskind Berlin, J. Crew

This look was so yesterday, literally..I wore it yesterday. But my day was so busy I had to post today. I actually wore this look to work--which is perfect for a casual yet classic vibe. The boyfriend blazer satisfies the polished needs of the job and the rest is casual, which is much more me. The ankle booties have a lil' heel to 'em which adds length to the leg making you look and feel better. As always add on a piece of jewelry or some other accessory to complete the look. 
Right after work (and taking a few pictures), I changed super quick and headed off the the wonderful world of Disney. So magical and the lines weren't half bad for a Sunday night!
There's my Sunday funday for ya,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget


Eleven years ago today a great devastation hit the country. My prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones; peace be with you and may the Lord calm your hearts.

Never Forget

This is a super casual look that shows off your patriotism and love for this country. We are truly blessed. Never forget 9/11.
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