Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If I were a Runner

If I Ran

Lets face the facts here, I occasionally walk outside of my regular lifestyle and ride my bicycle out and about. But, when I do...I make sure I look as fashionable as possible. Why would anyone want to throw on whatever and go out in public? Well, people do. That's where I come in; here is a totally trendy and fun way to take your athletic adventures. A few pops of neon, a fun sleeveless tee with a cool graphic, and a little print! It would be my honor to wear this look. 

You like the neon thing in athletic wear? I have even seen guys rockin it. More power to ya! 

xx, Naomi

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Balmain: Spring 2013 RTW

You thinking what I'm thinking? Sheer genius. I die. Stunning. The proportions. The color...or lack therof. Can I get an amen? As you all know by now black and white is a MEGA trend for spring and Balmain's ready-to-wear show this season is basically perfect. So unique and cool that any true STYLEista would have to have it in their wardrobe (front and center of course). 

So I am sorry I have been lagging. A lot has been going on (life happens). Good things too!! Finals and projects have been getting the best of me; which is understandable...I am a fashion major ;) 

More soon!

full line via style.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HIPster alert

Thrifted sweater  Forever 21 dress  Forever 21 beanie  TJ Maxx backpack
Steve Madden ankle booties  Betsey Johnson sunglasses

Gosh, this dress really is short. Now that I am looking at what I wore today, I am thinking maybe I shouldn't actually be wearing this thing out in public. A few inches longer and I would be in the clear. 

Last week my dad and I went to our local thrift shop...let's just say we found a number of goodies. I am a proud owner of this oversized (gma) sweater, a beach tote, a polka dot collared button down, and some high waisted jeans that will soon become shorts! A little dry cleaning and they are good to go. Secret: I have already worn this sweater three times. lol

This look is kinda hipstery I think...am I on the right path? Layering. Grungy. Laid back. Abnormal. In my book that is hipster. 

xx, Naomi

Monday, April 22, 2013

One Beaded Clutch: Three Ways

One Clutch: Way One

One Clutch: Way Two

One Clutch: Way Three

YES PLEASE. Can I have this pretty little envelope clutch? It would seriously spice up any wardrobe. Beads fer dayz. Isn't it pretty? Best part is, it really is versatile. You may be thinking, yeah its cute but...don't worry it works with everything! Casual daytime, going out, or even a major event. I die. 

xo, Naomi

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If I were there, Coachella

If I were there

Coachella is not only about the music. To me (I have never been...sad face) it seems a lot like a fashion show. If I were there, I would definitely want to be wearing something like this outfit. Lightweight for the desert, stylish boho vibes, and of course super comfy. Flatforms for a STYLEista are a lot like a pair of tennis shoes. Am I right? Gotta have 'em.

Weekend #2 starts in a few days, if you are going I say have so much fun and be you-nique! 

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