Monday, November 19, 2012

The AMA's 2012

My BEST dressed list: 

Taylor Swift
Looking stunning as ever in this mini dress, showing off her killer legs along with some 
pouty pink lips. Also, I am kinda a fan of those straight across bangs of hers...

Okay Disney has done her up good. She looks flawless with her updo and 
that tulle and leopard dress is adorable. So perfect for her age and the occasion! 

Nicki Minaj
I am literally obsessed with this look. Nicki looks insane good. So thin 
and that color is too fun! 

Jennifer Morrison
For some reason I am loving this ultra high slit. The nude peep-toe heels are 
the perfect shoe for this daring gown. She works it!

And my WORST dressed list: 

Jenna Bentley
OH MY GOODNESS. This lady must be cray. Literally. No.

Grace Valerie
The color is beautiful, but I can't seem to get over the chest area of this gown. 
Too far. I mean, cover up a little. 

Lauren Taveras
I'm sorry, this just doesn't work. None of it. Separately sure, but you just 
can't combine them. Plus the hair just isn't right. Sorry Lauren. Get a better stylist.

Phoebe Price
Yikes...way too many accessories. This could have maybe worked if she took off the ridiculously huge Chanel earrings, the feather piece in her hair, get rid of the gold blazer (too far), and say bye to that cocktail ring. Sometimes simple is better!!

Do you agree? Who was your favorite from last night's American Music Awards?!


See more photos @ ABC

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