Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

The Best: 

You can obviously see what I like in a gown, classy, a little sparkle, nude colors, chiffon, and once again, simplicity. Michelle Dockery, ya killed it. This is something I feel like I have never seen; this gown is a statement and you rocked it head to toe. Jessica Chastain, I love the elegance of the mint gown. The hair just needed a little fixing in the top center. Megan, Amy, and three are on the same exact page. Its all about the figure flattering fit in flare in a neutral color palette. Sexy. 

The Worst:

This is tough, on my worst dressed list is a group of actresses I love! But I am not a friend of their stylists right now...I mean Lucy Liu, your stunning and the fishtail braid is adorbs, but that dress is a definite NO! It looks like a costume. Taylor, I expect better. This is just a blah dress from a previous decade. Okay, wth Guiliana. This event is a big deal and I understand you want to take a risk, but this should have never made it to the top ten. 

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