Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Forever 21 hat  Marshall's dress  Steve Madden sandals  Liebeskind bracelet

Today was a lovely day to wear a dress. And to drink coffee. Sunny and oh so delightful. :) Spring break is nearing for me and I seriously cannot wait to take a break. Ladies and gents, I am headed to sunny Florida !!! One week from now I will be enjoying quality family time and a long needed vacay. I will most definitely share all the fun things I am up to. Weeeeee. 

I love the ease about this look. I mean really its four simple pieces, but combined...its greatness. The dress, let me tell you this, I bought for twelve dollars. Did you read that? TWELVE. That is #winning. Plus I just love the tribal print of it, and the cutout in the back! Easy peasy.

Well that's all folks.

xo, Naomi

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