Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Walmart baseball cap  Velvet Heart denim top  Tommy Hilfiger leather jacket
Topshop skinny jeans  Converse high tops  Twig & Willow jewelry  Topshop lip color 

So today we were planning on having our little photo shoot on the train tracks, but we pretty much got yelled at and as soon as we left a cop drove by and then a train passed. At least we got a few pictures in! 

Today's look is on the sporty and more casual side. Mixing textures, prints, and colors made the outfit for me. If you can't tell the top is polka dot print and its denim. I seriously am in love with both those trends. 

And how about the baseball cap? Quite sporty and cute huh? Throw it on for a little extra something something or heck, if you are having a bad hair day! Love this 'lil thang...I think I have officially been capped. Thanks Walmart for the sweet deal. 

Anyways, its a bit rainy around here, so I am gonna catch up on my studies and watch some Lipstick Jungle. 

xx, Naomi

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