Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NYC bound

NYC bound

Saturday morning bright and early I am heading to the big apple. I have never been and literally my heart hurts I am so excited! So many beautiful lights and big dreams and fun places to explore. Bonus, I can dress up and layer!! This will be a trip to remember and I am sure I will leave a little piece of my heart there. Maybe some great connections will be made and I will be back very soon. (gosh, I hope so) Wish me luck. 

This outfit seems just about perfect for New York; a few classic pieces mixed with some uber trendy to make for a great cozy look. All of the items are extremely versatile and can be reworked in an entirely new way. For the next few days I will incorporate the same pieces with a few others to create multiple ways to wear them. Because, as we all know, you can't bring 4 bags of clothes on the airplane…unless you are Rachel Zoe. So, we need to pack smart!!

Have a great day!


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