Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty Tricks

Let me tell you some of my most prized beauty tricks...

No. 1: Chapstick. Always, and I truly mean always, carry some with you. No one likes cracked and dry lips. And if you like color, go for a tinted chapstick. 

No. 2: Cetaphil. Face wash and lotion. I am all about this stuff. It is a necessity. Make sure to wash and lotion morning and night.

No. 3: Tinted moisturizer. No, I do not pay extra cash for that stuff. Here's the trick, mix a drop of your liquid foundation and a pump of face lotion then go about your ordinary business when applying your foundation. My skin always feels way way better when I follow this. 

No. 4: Baby oil. Use this miracle stuff two ways; one, to remove eye makeup and two, in replacement of shaving cream. It leaves your skin feeling super moisturized and you'll save money! 

No. 5: Mascara. My favorite is the Hypnôse Drama' Instant Full Body Volume Mascara by Lancôme. People confuse my lashes with falsies when I wear this magical mascara. The brush is awesome. 

No. 6: Buns. Feeling like you just don't have time, lazy, or are having a bad hair day...there is a 
simple solution. Put that hair in a high bun. If you love 'em, make it extra special using a sock. Sock buns rock. 

^^ A little "how to guide" on sock buns...she is hilarious btw.

Try some of these, guaranteed you will love 'em! 


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