Monday, January 21, 2013

One Pair of Pumps: Three Ways

One Pair of Pumps: Way One

One Pair of Pumps: Way Two

One Pair of Pumps: Way Three

Happy Monday!! School starts up again tomorrow, which means time to get back into some regularity...exciting but not. I only have three semesters until I can graduate!! Eek. So great. 

I found this adorable pumps and thought, yes. I would love to own them, so why not create a little outfit inspiration with them? Way one is all about menswear. Collared white button down top, boyfriend cuffed denim, and a top handle (semi-briefcasey) bag. Way Two, is a great work look. Watch out world here comes the working lady in a great 'lil dress. And Way three is casual yet sparkly with a few extra layers. I kept the pretty purple color consistent throughout this look, from the bag to the earrings, to the fab pumps. 

Ooh la la, hope you got a bit of inspiration for when you need to who and/or get ready for any occasion!


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  1. Ok the polka dot jeans--seriously--love them--can a 50 year old mom rock them!!!!!


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