Friday, January 25, 2013



See them purrrty leopard print ankle booties ^^? Well, yesterday after a week of
waiting and waiting, UPS dropped them off for me!! A fellow blogger, KatalinGirl, posted a
photo of them (the Nine West ankle booties) on her instagram and I was
obsessed at first sight. I had to have them. Too bad its raining and I can't risk
ruining them...I will definitely wear them the first chance I get!! Wait and see. 

On another note, I love a lot of aspects in this look I created. It has a good mix
of color, print, basics, and trendy pieces. Oversized coats are a must this cold
season, as seen in Topshop, Marni, and Michael Kors. Plus, if you haven't heard
this from me yet...denim shirts have become a staple in every STYLEista's closet.
They go with everything! 

This week I have been so so busy being back to school, my schedule is packed!
So, I am sorry for such a delay on posts. More to come soon!

xo, Naomi

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