Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy Awards

The hottest (best dressed): 

My least favorites:

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Okay Rihanna, you killed it. The hair is stunning and that gown, oh em gee. And Kelly?! This is insane cool. The cutouts are ridiculous and I have nothing to say but yes. All you leading ladies, you have great stylists. Now, on the other hand we have some serious fashion faux pas...Kate Pierson, that purple corset shiny thing is a mess. And Esperanza Spalding I see that you are trying to be very fashion forward, but unfortunately it was a fail. The cape didn't do it for me and the print overcame you. 

Who is you best and worst dressed at last night's Grammy Awards? 


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  1. Kelly Rowland SHUT. IT. DOWN. As in...she was best dressed. Queen B looked amazing too, as did her baby sis. I have nothing to say regarding the worst dressed...they gotta step it up or maybe hire you as their stylist ;)



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