Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Bare Minerals lip color  Forever 21 hat  Pixies blouse  Joes Jeans skinny jeans
REPORT ankle booties  Michael Kors bag  J. Crew, Forever 21 jewels

Today I felt super inspired by Free People. I think it was the loosey goosey blouse, the hat, and the ankle booties all together in one look. I must say I do love the way Free People combines so many pieces together...they are so artsy, edgy, and free spirited! MAJOR cute. 

I believe it is important to find something that inspires you and re-create it in your own way. This outfit definitely accomplishes that. Whether it is a high end designer's collection or a stylish girl in one of your classes, it is okay to take ideas from them and make them your own! Just go for it. 

Have a fab day STYLEistas!

xo, Naomi

1 comment:

  1. ok--love the picture under the tree--what kind of tree is that? The hat makes it!!!!


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