Thursday, February 21, 2013


Get this: so after I went out and took the photos for this post, I was uploading them while listening to Pandora...and John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John came on. I find this quite perfect...can you say Grease Lightning? I basically got the chills. ;)

Forever 21 lace embroidered tee  Current Affairs bold stripe sweater  American Apparel leggings
Madden Girl platform sandals  Vintage leopard bag  DKNY watch  Target cat-eye sunnies

Black and white is a major trend this Spring. As well as BOLD stripes, so I combined the two. Woohoo. And doesn't lace just scream Spring too? I love this little white tee with some embroidered lace on it...thanks F21. As for the Grease reference, I mean the end of the movie, Sandy is rocking some super shiny black leggings and a great back of heels. So yeah. 

P.S. excuse the messy and completely undone hair today.



  1. F21 is the best love your look and your hair looks cool! A new follower!


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