Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY: Cutoff Shorts

                 What you need: 
      • your favorite pair of cutoff denim shorts
      • a pair of old jeans
      • extra sharp scissors
      • a safety pin 
      • chalk or a marker
      • and a washer/dryer

           The Process: 
      1. Watch as many youtube videos as you can on the topic of distressed will inspire you. :)
      2. Find a pair of old jeans you don't like or fit into anymore. (or go buy some at a thrift store) High-waisted is best. 
      3. Use your favorite pair of cutoff shorts as a reference for length.
      4. Turn denim inside out. It is way easier to work with. 
      5. Cut half of jeans off, at knee line. 
      6. Fold denim shorts in half and jeans in half. Lay on top of the other and line up the crotch area. 
      7. Using chalk or a marker, draw a line along edge of shorts on your jeans. 
      8. Cut along the line on both sides, be careful not to cut them too short!
      9. Next use your safety pin to put out the threads on your new shorts. Layer by layer slightly tug on the edge of the shorts to create the distressed look. This can be very time consuming. 
      10. Add slits with your scissors, then using the safety pin, pull out the threads. 
      11. Once you have distressed them to your liking, throw them into the washer and dryer. 
      12. Now try 'em on; add a top and some accessories. Vuala! 

I just love the way they turned out!! 

xo, Naomi

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  1. ooh wow... I love this DIY appropriate for the warmer weather :).
    Great post


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