Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Blaze

Sometimes, you just need to blaze. And when I say blaze I don't mean smoke the
Mary Jane...I mean wear a blazer. The new definition for "just blaze" is to wear a blazer.
Get it ladies and gents! 

Worthington blazer  Pleione tank top  TOPSHOP skinny moto jeans  
MIA leopard platform heels  vintage chain & cross

I just love these skinny jeans, everything from the dark green color to the exposed zipper accents. I automatically feel "cool" wearing them. My mom literally called me a rockstar today. It. Was. Awesome. Okay, and this blazer is on crazy clearance at JCP at the moment. I mean its not the best quality, but heck its cute! Plus blazers are literally all the rage, put one on with everything and you will be on trend. They go great with graphic tees and distressed denim then on the other end, they are absolutely perfect over a dress for work or play! Easy throw on and go kind of a deal. 

Like I said, just blaze. 

xo, Naomi

1 comment:

  1. Really like the white blazer!


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