Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If I were a Runner

If I Ran

Lets face the facts here, I occasionally walk outside of my regular lifestyle and ride my bicycle out and about. But, when I do...I make sure I look as fashionable as possible. Why would anyone want to throw on whatever and go out in public? Well, people do. That's where I come in; here is a totally trendy and fun way to take your athletic adventures. A few pops of neon, a fun sleeveless tee with a cool graphic, and a little print! It would be my honor to wear this look. 

You like the neon thing in athletic wear? I have even seen guys rockin it. More power to ya! 

xx, Naomi

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  1. This is great, i workout looking like a schlump, lol Ran across your blog & am now following, follow me too if you wish:



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