Monday, January 28, 2013

License Plate

turtleneck Forever 21
skirt Forever 21
tights Nordstrom
ankle booties Nine West
bracelet Marshalls
clutch Vintage

A few days after Christmas, my pop and I went to Toyota and I got me a new Corolla. Low and behold, the other the mail, I received my extra special license plate. Did ya get a good look at it? No? Scroll up and see what the numbers and letters are. It really is a unique one. 

I wanted you to witness what I get to drive around in everyday...haha. Triple X and I, we will be getting very close. Weird! Pair that with these hot new Nine West ankle booties and I feel like a vixen. 

I love this look. With it being cold today, I had to wear some tights! Sheer tights are a must have. That and solid black ones. 

Well anyways, until next time. 


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